Sunday, January 25, 2015

Joys of connecting with Nature!

 The purity of the Winter's landscape covered in a blanket of snow. 
Silence heard around us interrupted only by a chickadee.

While being enveloped by the energy of the trees.

                                                As I walk on the trail.

    Black squirrels are busy stuffing their cheeks with nuts.

                                                                      My eyes spot a nuthatch twirling down a   tree on his path to the sunflower seeds         upon the earth below.

Further down the trail a blue jay flies into view.
It must be time for dinner.

I venture along enjoying the tranquility
While continuing to admire the canvas front of me.
The artistic creation of the bare branches of the trees
Reaching outward and towards the sky.

Listening to the occasional sounds of the forest choir.
In a meditative state, I continue forth.

With the snow beneath me, I walk supported with poles in hand.
The repetitive movement adds to the meditative state I acquire.
I then decide to walk off the trail a bit in hopes to see deer.

Just as I round a corner, I look up and
Spot a deer, focusing on me.
I immediately stopped and stood still.
We studied each other for a few moments.
Then I noticed behind him were four more.
It looked like a reflection repeated in a mirror.
All standing in line looking at me.

I was a stranger invading their space
Though I wanted to let them know, I come in peace.
Two walked towards me and then started to nibble on twigs and bits.
All four continued about their business knowing they were safe.

I stood in awe feeling blessed to be allowed to witness their activities.
Minutes went by but time and I stood still.
                                                            Eventually, they nonchalantly strolled past me.                                                                 I watched as they ventured along the path of  which I came.
I too slowly turned around and quietly walked back to where I entered.

When I reached the trail, I disovered two of the deer near the edge.
I remembered I had a bag of trail mix in my pocket.
I opened the bag and immediately a chickadees came to perch.
Upon seeing the birds feasting on my hand one deer came closer.
He looked at my hand and I at him.
I let him know he could be safe to approach if he wanted to.

He gently walked up and put his nose upon my hand.
I could feel his lips opening and his tongue taking the seeds.
At that instant, I felt as one with this beautiful animal.
As he chewed the seeds I replenished my hand.
We continued this dance until he had his                                                                                fill.

He then tipped his nose and turned around and slowly walked.
Just a few steps away I thanked him.
He twisted his head around to look at me as if to say welcome.

As I turned and walked away, I felt in awe of this experience.
A connection that will last a lifetime in my memory and I hope his.
The beauty and the gift that was bestowed upon me today.
We had shared a rare moment together.
In the magic of Winter.

Many thanks to my partner for driving me out to walk in the woods.  

Saturday, January 24, 2015

New changes from last time I posted

New website and new logo. Rebranding they call it.

Here is my new logo...

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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Spring Rebirth

There may be snow upon the ground, but the trees have buds appearing on their branches. This morning, as I looked out the window there was snow softly falling from the sky.  

The thought that came to mind was "What part of Spring is that white stuff?".

Well, as I type this post, a meaning popped into my mind. The colour white represents purity. The snow is a cover. The buds on the trees are symbolizing new growth.

Nature's message might be saying to cover the old with the purity, giving the appearance of a new slate. With this clean, white canvas new growth will appear.

A great message, especially since this year Winter seems to be hanging on forever.  Many people are very tired of the cold and snow and feeling like Spring will never come.  Now technically it is Spring on the calendar not in sight.  IF we look closely though we can see signs peeking through. 

How can one relate this to life? You may feel tired of  the "old" and thinking that nothing ever changes. This can make us feel exhausted and down.  Instead of focusing on what is, look closely for signs of growth peeking through. Have faith in knowing even if it is only just budding growth is present.   For if we focus on what is starting to change we will see the rebirth that is taking place right before our eyes.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Ace of Cups

 New beginnings. Open your heart to happiness, joy and full of all that you desire.

I see this card has divine handing you a cup this overflowing. Letting you know that your cup can be full and is full. Nothing can stop you now, as long as you break through all the fears and illusions. 

Are you going to grab hold of the cup?
Receive this offering unconditionally.

This also brings to mind the thought of how do you see or feel about your cup given to you in life?

Is it half full, empty or runneth over? 

If you see your cup as runneth over...will it run dry or continue to flow?

Another Perspective

Sometimes all it takes is a different perspective. 
Some say "Life is hell".
Why not try turning life upside down?
I say "Try looking up and see heaven instead". 
"Whooo knows what you will see."

Where do you focus your energy?

We spend a lot of energy focusing on things that don't matter.
Stress and worries can take most of our energy in a given day.
Spend time  tomorrow tracking your thoughts. 
How much energy do you give away on these two topics?
Makes you wonder if worrying over things is really worth it. 
Perhaps instead of worrying, we can focus our energy
 on what we want, have and love.
 Along with being grateful for all.
 Why not spend it thinking about happy things?
A day without worrying or stressing is a day full of brightness.

The Power of Fear

Why does "what we don't know" scare us the most?
"What we do know" we keep doing, even if it makes us unhappy?

All out of fear...."false expectations appearing real".

Where would you choose to be and why?