Friday, April 2, 2010

Easter A Time of Renewal and Rebirth

It's Easter time and symbol of death and resurrection. In Christianity and pagan beliefs.
For Easter started out has a pagan celebration of Spring equinox time of the year.
And in Christianity it is the time of year when Jesus gave his life on the cross for us.

Children have the celebration of collecting chocolate Easter eggs and the Easter bunnies.
The symbol of the egg is the symbol of new birth and rebirth. The bunny symbol is fertility in growth and birth. And fear which is what we lay down so that we can move forward in growth and birth.
The cross is the symbol of what we carry that causes us to suffer or pain and that Jesus died for us taking our sins and suffering away so that we no longer need to carry it. Sotime to let go of what you fear and your suffering.
Death of Jesus dieing is to symbolizing the fear or what we no longer need that we let go. And Jesus resurrection is the symbol of rebirth, new beginnings, allowing our truth or Spirit self to live.

Take this time of celebrating Easter and focus on what you want to let go. Then focus on what you want to rebirth or renewal of the new You perhaps the new Spiritual You who you truly are.
Are you the bunny of fear or the bunny of fertility for you have the ability to create fertility of new growth and rebirth in your life.
Celebrate and Have a Happy Easter and Many Blessings on the new Birth in your journey.

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